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Imagine a world where love is captured forever, turning each moment into a beautiful artwork. At Rajesh Arya Photography, we’re the top wedding photographers in Delhi. We help couples fulfill their wedding dreams by taking stunning, lasting photos of their special day. We’re all about saving the joyful vibes of Indian weddings for the future. We really get the rich traditions and culture, and we’re dedicated to catching the magic of your big day. Our skilled candid photographers work hard on each shot, mixing creativity with careful attention to detail. We expertly captures your wedding, so you can relive every amazing moment, from the happy Mehndi celebrations to the grand Baraat and emotional Vidaai. We’re thrilled to capture best candid photos that show the love, beauty, and happiness all around you, whether it’s a traditional Hindu, Sikh, or Muslim wedding. Trust us for everlasting visual story that shows the real spirit of your Indian wedding.


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You should expect nothing less than perfection on your wedding day. This is why you should use us, Rajesh Arya Photography, for all of your wedding photography needs. We will capture the essence of your love story in a style that is uniquely yours, whether it be a small intimate wedding, a huge fat wedding, or a destination wedding, with our skill, creativity, and devotion to perfection. The best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR have been a part of Rajesh Arya Photography team for over a decade, so they know how to capture the joy and love of this special day. Expert wedding photographers working together to make every couple’s Indian wedding a fairytale.

We are a wedding photography studio based in New Delhi, India. The engagement session, the wedding day itself, the cinematic teaser, and the wedding’s location are the four main aspects of wedding photography that our business focuses on. Visit our portfolio to see the fine details and centuries old traditions of Indian weddings, and get in touch if you’d like us to be a part of your unforgettable experience.


Pre Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photography is a special way to capture your love privately, without family and friends. You get beautiful photos to put in frames near your bed or work desk. These pictures remind you of the happy time before your wedding. Pre wedding photoshoot is not about a couple being photographed. Their love story must be told naturally, whether long or short. Also, it helps you to know the photographers better and lets them understand how you like to work together.

Candid Wedding Photography

No one can capture the special feelings of your wedding day better than a candid wedding photographer. Candid Photography is the best way to catch the real emotions of a wedding, like happiness, tears or sadness. When you look at your wedding photos, candid pictures can show you pleasant surprises. Our candid wedding photography service in Delhi NCR has the right skills and equipment. We’re the best candid wedding photography team to capture pictures of all the special moments at your wedding.

Wedding Films

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Rajesh Arya Photography focuses on the magical moments of your wedding day. Our candid wedding photographers will capture every moment, from the anxious buildup of the ceremony to the joyful celebrations with loved ones. We take great pride in blending in with your day without noticing, capturing natural, candid photos and memorable posed portraits that will grace your walls for years.

Our love for visual storytelling is what makes us unique. Every wedding is a lovely chapter in a couple’s journey together, and we are committed to capturing those priceless moments that will make your special day truly unforgettable. 

Each picture we capture tells a story and brings back fond memories thanks to our team of talented photographers’ skill and attention to detail. We prioritize the customer experience in addition to providing exceptional quality and attention to detail. 

We prioritize making a close relationship with our couples, learning about their goals, and adjusting our techniques to fit their tastes and preferences. We work hard to create a relaxed and fun environment where you can be yourself and let your personality shine in every photo. 

To turn your wedding memories into stories, we handpick a team of the best candid photographers, cinematographers, and professional photographers.


Sagar & Roop

“…Rajesh Arya Photography exceeded our expectations with their exceptional talent and professionalism. They beautifully captured the candid moments of our wedding day, and the photographs are simply stunning. Highly recommended!…”

Niranjan & Preeti

“… We are grateful to Rajesh Arya Photography for the amazing photographs and cinematic film that perfectly captured our love story. Their dedication and attention to detail are commendable. Thank you!…”

Ketan & Kanupriya

“…Rajesh Arya Photography has an incredible ability to capture the genuine emotions of a wedding day. We are thrilled with the stunning memories they created for us. Highly recommended!…”


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For your wedding, we will have a team of two experienced photographers. Both photographers have been capturing weddings for over five years, ensuring that we have comprehensive coverage of your special day.

After the wedding, we understand your eagerness to relive those cherished moments. We strive to deliver the edited photographs within four to six weeks. Similarly, the wedding film is usually ready within six to eight weeks, ensuring that you can cherish and share your beautiful memories in a timely manner.

We believe in a balanced approach. While we capture spontaneous and candid moments that naturally unfold during your wedding, we are also open to specific shot requests. We value your vision and understand the importance of capturing specific moments that hold significance to you and your family.

We offer a range of wedding photography packages tailored to suit different needs and budgets. Our packages include various combinations of pre-wedding shoots, full-day coverage, candid photography, traditional photography, cinematic wedding films, albums, prints, and more. We are also open to customizing the packages based on your specific requirements and preferences.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we have a flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your wedding due to emergencies or unavoidable situations, we will work closely with you to find a suitable alternative date or provide a refund as per our policy.

Yes, we offer pre-wedding shoots that provide an opportunity for you to showcase your love story and create beautiful memories before the wedding. We can suggest unique and picturesque locations in and around Delhi NCR that will complement your personalities and preferences, ensuring a personalized and memorable pre-wedding shoot experience.

Yes, we offer beautifully crafted wedding albums and prints as part of our packages. We have a wide range of options for albums, including different sizes, cover materials, and designs. We can discuss the options and assist you in choosing the perfect album that will beautifully showcase your wedding memories.

Yes, we provide drone photography and videography services to capture breathtaking aerial shots of your wedding venue and celebrations. Aerial shots add a unique and grand perspective to your wedding film and photographs, creating stunning visuals that truly enhance the storytelling of your special day.


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When planning your dream wedding, you want the best photos to remember it by. But with so many options out there, it can be obscure. Some photographers don’t give you excellent quality pictures, which differs from what you want for your special day.

Imagine this: You’re getting married to the one you love, and you’re super excited. But all the planning is making you a little stressed. Don’t worry; Rajesh Arya Photography is here to help! We’ve been doing this for over 12 years, so we know what you’re going through.

We will tell you everything you need to know about our wedding photography services, especially our Candid Wedding Photography. We’re here to make your photography dreams come true.


There are some things you’ll always get from us:

  • Excellent Photos: We take perfect pictures that show the magic of your wedding.
  • Experienced Photographers: Our team knows what they’re doing, so they’ll capture every critical moment.
  • Fair Prices: We ensure you get great photos without breaking the bank.
  • Clear Information: We tell you exactly what you’re getting in your package, so there are no surprises.
  • Guidance: We help you every step of the way to make your wedding perfect.


People want different things for their wedding photos. Some want lots of pictures, others want videos, and some want both. It’s your day, so you should get what you want.

We have different packages for different preferences:

  • Talk to Us: Contact us through our website or phone; we’ll make a package just for you.
  • Your Special Day: We’ll work closely to give you what you want.
  • Regular Updates: We’ll keep in touch so you’re always in the loop.


Candid photography is about capturing real emotions and moments. Here’s what you can expect from our Candid Wedding Photography packages:

  • Chat Before: We’ll talk to you to understand what you want. This helps us plan better.
  • Skilled Photographers: Our team can take great candid shots without interrupting your day.
  • Capture Everything: From getting ready to the end of the day, we’ll be there for every moment.
  • Awesome Edited Photos: We’ll make your photos look even better by editing them.
  • Digital Copies: You’ll get digital copies of your photos to share easily.
  • Customization: We can adjust the package to match your needs.

Your wedding is special, and we’ll capture your candid moments beautifully.

BEST Candid Wedding Photography Near Me in delhi ncr

If you’re searching for candid wedding photography near me, your search has ended! Team Rajesh Arya Photography specializes in candid wedding photography, which captures your special day’s authentic emotions and unposed moments. Our team focuses on providing the best candid wedding photography service in Delhi NCR, capturing every heartfelt smile, tear, and embrace.


Candid wedding photography isn’t about creating poses; it’s about capturing the moment’s essence in its most natural form. It’s about capturing those short, unplanned moments that capture the real emotions, joy, and connections experienced at a wedding. We want to capture these moments so you can revisit them for years.


Our skilled photographers have a good eye for those candid, cheering moments that often go missing. We capture the emotions that make your wedding day unique, from joyful laughter to meaningful embraces. We ensure that the magic unfolds naturally while we capture it quietly by blending into the background.


While candid photography focuses on capturing natural moments, we also understand the significance of some well-composed poses. Our team maintains a balance between natural, candid photos and lightly advised poses that add to the overall beauty of your wedding album. We’re here to make you feel relaxed and to help you look your best.


Your wedding day is a collection of priceless memories that should be cherished forever. We create an album that tells your unique love story through candid wedding photos. Each photo captures the emotions, laughter, and love you shared on your wedding day, serving you an actual memory of your journey together.


When it comes to preserving your memories, quality should always be remembered. Our candid wedding photography services in Delhi are customized to suit every budget. We provide a variety of packages that include candid shots, personal portraits, and group photos – all to give lasting memories without breaking your budget.


If you’re seeking the best candid wedding photography in Delhi, you’ve arrived at the right place. Our team’s commitment to capturing authentic emotions and creating exceptional outcomes separates us. We delight in transforming every heartfelt experience into a work of art you can proudly share and relive.


Are you ready to begin an adventure of candid storytelling via our lens? Contact us to learn more about our candid wedding photography packages, discuss your preferences, and reserve your date. Let’s work together to make your wedding album a fantastic collection of candid photos that will last a lifetime.